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Professional Work  /  Fall 2017

Estate Management

Project Overview

The Estate manager is a terminal management solution designed for estate owners: banks, distributors, retailers, ISOs, etc. Its goal is to provide customers with perfect control of their terminals estate through a range of advanced features and a new and powerful web-based portal. My goal was to update the old manager with our existing company branding guidelines as well as to improve  UX with new best practices.

Designed in modules, Estate Manager offers a wide range of features, from core functionalities such as software provisioning, to advanced features such as advanced preventive maintenance or terminal lifecycle management.  I designed a user experience that relies on unique and intuitive ergonomics, leveraging the best practices of the web UI/UX design.

These images are from the product sheet and can provide a more detailed overview:

With this management tool, estate owners can gain complete knowledge and full control of their estate.