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POS Payment Solution Smart Terminal

Professional Work  /  Spring 2016

Project Overview

BACKGROUND: Telium TETRA is a POS Payment Solution smart terminal. It provides compact product design while increasing function, security, and features with a library of over 800 applications.


These concepts were created to present to a high-profile client as a conceptual application that can prove to be useful out in the field.

GOAL: Demonstrate two use cases from the terminal:

  1. The user wants to ask for support.
  2. A representative calls the user about ordering additional supplies.

SOLUTION: Design a clean, straight forward, modern design that could be built in HTML5 and have UI elements and expected behaviors that resemble common web and mobile apps.

Ideation and Visual Design

The following images show a variety and range of designs and experiences within the Hydrow mobile companion app. Some are current, some are concepts, some are still works-in-progress. The UI aims to be simple, elegant, and welcoming.

A simple user flow based on the project goal with common UI/UX patterns and features.

Final design of experimental features.